Award room of fear game 2018 complete review for PC:

There is no denying that horror is a genre that most players want to play more and more. The reason is obvious that horror games have made an impact like n other and each time a new game comes out they bring a whole new fresh experience that takes breath away. If you think you are man enough to try award room of fear then I suggest do not let the kids enter in the room while you are playing unless you want to scare them.

The game looks freaky, and undoubtedly filled with horrifying monsters and creatures. This is not your typical horror game but something more that will keep you glued to your seats and beat all the wandering souls that are locked in the room.

What is the main story of Award room of fear game?

The story of this one is quite interest to see, as you enter in a room without knowing that the room is filled with monsters which have disguise them as normal people. Once you get locked in there is no way of getting out from it. All you need is to survive and kill people who are trying to kill you.

What makes Award room of fear game so much different compare to horror genres?

It is very important that you have to these type of games which left first impression on players and it is a perfect oceanofgames that defines horror with new meaning, the people looks scary and dangerous, to look at, the environment also play a major role time after time. Players have to play this game from first person perspective and utilize any material they get their hands on to survive.

How does controls works in Award room of fear game?

The room is so big that you have to find all the necessary items from guns, to ammunition, keys to unlock doors, and also some other interesting stuff though the room. The controls are smooth and responsive to interact.

Award room of fear game top class features for PC:

The features of this game are quite special and require to be seen so players who want to play it would appreciate it,

1) Deep story with so many ups and downs

2) Various monsters to encounter

3) Run, hide, fight, and kill enemies

4) Tons of new crafting and high level of design

Award room of fear game system requirements of PC:

You can certainly enjoy the game by upgrading system requirements of your PC which are listed below like,

Works with windows vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 (64 bit)

Hard disk: 3 GB

File size: 1.5 GB

CPU: Intel Dual Core with 2.3 GHz