We all love laughter and wish the same for our loved ones .how wonderful it will be to gift someone some magic, some love and some care and happiness together. Well you can try to bring that naughty smile on with these gag gifts. Here is some stuff which tops the list of funny gag items. Let’s have a look at them and let me you how affordable this stuff is. You can consider this 3D beer belly waist pocket for your Dads, husband and boyfriends as they can sport these big belly packs with that realistic effect of bushy hair which looks so hilarious .these are ideal for any kind of fun parties as it could hold a lot of stuff and look fun at the same time. We all have that friend who loves to drink or it could be you, so let’s pamper ourselves and that special one with this cool ultimate wine bottle glass. Even though it’s just a glass to everyone but still it can hold full bottle of beverage. It looks so elegant and funny at the same time. It’s perfect for women as you could drink like a fish but still looks sober with that cute glass.

Communication is a key factor in any situation, it’s really important to send that message across. Here is a cool yet interesting way of short communication and trust me it’s so much fun to see the answers so précised yet so effective. The knock knock wtf nifty notes are so adorable and represent the power of checkbox for an effective communications. They defiantly bring the humor and smartness in day to day life perfect to gift yourself; to a friend or to a coworker. This fart extinguisher is by far the most funny and cute air freshener bottle I have ever seen. This is quite a cool and funny gift exchange amongst the teens. T-shirts with funny sayings are always a hit gag gift for anyone, this one caught my eye, and this one is especially for the gym guy to show off his hard work without talking much about it. A tank top which says I flexed and the sleeves fell off, sounds really funny. It’s quite comfortable to wear at workouts and a makes a perfect gift for your man. Here is another quirky mug to add to your collection or simply gift it to a friend. It’s a camera lens mug which looks so real like a lens and can hold coffee too. This is super cute and a funny way to have your favorite drinks in it. We all know how helpful the essential the night lights are especially in the bathrooms. Rainbowl motion sensor toilet night light is an interesting and fun idea to light up that toilet bowl of course with you favorite color, kids will simply love it and in this case you job will be mush easy.