As per figures available in the month of February 2017, Rob Dyrdek Net Worth happens to be at $ 50 million. His year of birth was in the year 1974 and he did drop out of his school pretty early on as per his educational qualifications. Before we go further let us now figure out on how his net worth did emerge in the first place. At the time of 11 years, he did go on to take part in skateboarding. By the age of 12, he did go on to avail his first sponsorship. Once he did touch the age of 16, he did make a switch over to California. At this point in time, he did consider it to be a professional shareholder. During this point of time, he did go on to break a host of records.

Though he did leave school early, it did not stop him from becoming a clever businessman and a successful entrepreneur. He happens to be the proud owner of skate holders, shoes, and apparels of skateboarding along with action figures. In the year 2006, He did go on to become a TV presenter on reality shows. In the version of MTV Rob and Big who was his best friend and a bodyguard. Then in due course of time, he did go on to appear in the Fantasy factory that did run for 4 seasons.

Rob Dyrdek Net Worth

In the domain of video games along with movies, he did go on to make appearances as well. He was a writer and a producer for a TV series as well. He had a strong acumen for sports along with business you could confer the fact that he did turn the skateboarding skills into a million dollar business. This could be a figure that you can observe by observing his net worth.

Coming back to the situation where he currently finds himself. He is working hard presently in the entertainment industry and working on showcasing his skateboard skills. He has gone on to create and give his voice to the animation version of a Nickelodeon series “Wild Grinders”. You can figure out that this has to be his life. In the MTV version of ridiculousness also fans could catch a glimpse of him. During the course of the show, you would come across people failing at crazy stunts. In the midst of all this, the hosts do go on to provide some hilarious commentary as well. Rob stands to be the producer of this show.

During the course of his career, he did go on to set 21 careers Guinness book of records. In the year 2003, he did go on to start a foundation, where the aim was to form skate parks for the teens or kids all over the US. In doing so they would be given safe places where they could practice their skill. With his work in TV, he has gone on to earn a lot of awards.